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The Nature Trail

Explore the Nature Trail

Our Nature Trail is a mown path through the fields south of the gardens of Keppel Croft. In 20-30 minutes you can walk from the gardens to the northern edge of our bush, and back to the gardens through the arboretum. We would rather that you planned to take longer for Bill has installed a variety of very interesting Nature Notes along the trail. 

The trail will take you back to the bush where you will find the side trail to the Birders' Shelter, High View and Painter’s Point.  It runs over a bridge, along the stream bank at the edge of the bush before rising up to High View, the highest point on our farm.


Bill made a concrete pad for a bench at High View. From here there’s a view across the fields of Keppel Croft to the west. Over the years we have allowed secondary growth to fill in our toboggan hill. Some apple trees growing in this area have succumbed to old age but others bear totally organic delicious fruit for the deer or autumn visitors. Bill is planning a selected cutting of some saplings to keep the view clear.


From High View you can look across our farm to Big Bay and the escarpment beyond Colpoy’s Bay. It is a great place to observe the cloudscapes.


A short walk north along the trail brings you to Painter's Point where there’s a view across our farm to Georgian Bay, White Cloud, Hay and Griffith Islands and the escarpment to the northwest. A little judicious pruning has opened up this view. In the spring there are daffodils blooming down the north slope.


Here's a bunch of neighbours, the Cape Roaders and their four footed friends, gathered at the picnic table. Bill has also built a roofed shelter at Painter's Point. It is a great place for viewing the landscape, painting and drawing, birdwatching, meditating, or chatting with friends.


In winter we are able to snow shoe or cross country ski along the trail to enjoy the view across the bay. Bring your snowshoes or skis and follow the trail up the hill! Pack a lunch and enjoy a winter picnic.


Or invite your dinner group or your summer visitors for an al fresco breakfast as we did!


All along the Nature Trail there are Nature Notes. Here’s one you’ll find informative!

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