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Beautiful Big Bay


Big Bay General Store


Drop by the Big Bay store for some homemade ice cream or a delicious slice of pizza - or a whole pizza to take home for everyone there. Check for seasonal  hours.


Big Bay Library


Next to the Big Bay General Store, this little library offers free books - take a book or leave one for the next reader.

Big Bay Dock


Sit on the dock and enjoy your ice cream. Join the kids and jump off the dock! Join the Canada Day celebration on July 1st.




MaiTribe Studio Gallery


Visit Maija to browse her beautiful textiles made with cotton, silk, linen, and upcycled fabrics and dyed using natural dyes.


Forsyth Farms 


Drop by Forsyth Farms and pick up farm raised lamb, pork and beef, delicious meat and fruit pies, eggs and other goodies.


By the Bluffs

Visit Julie Lamberts at her ecological farm with a plant nursery and a fruit and nut orchard in development. There's a focus on medicinal, edible, and native perennials, shrubs and trees. Permaculture tours, workshops,




Bring your camera

Catch those moments when the brave ones are jumping off the dock or starting the swimming season early. This is a great place for looking at the skyscape at any season of the year. 

Stone Skipping

Big Bay beach has millions of perfect stones for skipping across the water surface. 

Fossil Hunting

Before you go for a swim take a wander along the beach and look

for fossils.

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