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Keppel Croft Gardens

A horticultural treasure on the Bruce Peninsula 
Big Bay, Ontario

Hours and Admission


About Keppel Croft

Opening again in May 2024.

Come and explore Keppel Croft Gardens at Big Bay on the beautiful Bruce Peninsula. 

We have four acres of gardens, a nature trail, an arboretum, and Keppel Henge.

Bring a picnic and enjoy our award-winning country gardens.

Days and Hours


Beginning in May 2024 Keppel Croft will be open:

Wednesday through Sunday,  Holiday Mondays

10 am - 5 pm

Contact us for after hours visiting and photograph sessions. The light is so beautiful outside of visiting hours!


Bill and Dawn Loney

504156 Grey Road 1 

Georgian Bluffs, Ontario

N0H 2T0


Apple Tree Grafting Workshop

Interested in learning how to graft apple trees?


Julie Lamberts of By the Bluffs will conduct an apple tree grafting workshop at Keppel Croft in late April.


Saturday,  April 27, 2024

10 a.m. – Noon

$45 - $65

Keppel Croft Gardens, Big Bay, ON

Rain date: Sunday, April 28, 2024

By the Bluffs is an ecological farm encompassing a plant nursery and a mixed fruit and nut orchard with a native plant understory. The nursery focuses on medicinal, edible, and native perennials, including shrubs and trees. By the Bluffs is located at Lake Charles.

grafted tree.jpg

Years ago Bill grafted two scions on to this apple tree. One branch has red apples, the other has yellow apples!

For information contact Julie Lamberts

Winter Orchids

We are enjoying our winter orchids. There are numerous pots in the house. The pots are put out in the garden during the warm months in an area of partial shade. We bring them into the house when it is nearly time for the first frost. The sprays of blooms last for ages indoors as there are no pollinators at work! These low maintenance plants give us much pleasure.

Spring Equinox

An equinox occurs when the position of the Sun is exactly over the Equator. On this day the sun's rays shine on to the equator while the Earth sits with its axis tilted neither toward nor away from the sun. This causes 12 hours of sunlight almost everywhere on Earth. Day and night are nearly the same length in all parts of the world. On the days of an equinox the sun rise directly in the east and sets directly in the west. 


There are two equinoxes each year, one indicating the beginning of astronomical spring and the other the beginning of astronomical fall. As the sun crosses the celestial equator going north into the Northern Hemisphere, we get the first day of spring.  Steve Irvine took this photograph at Keppel Henge as the sun rose on the Spring Equinox, 2023.

Spring begins on the Vernal Equinox, Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 11:06 p.m. 

Summer Solstice, occurs Thursday, June 20, 2024, 4:51 p.m.

Fall or Autumnal Equinox begins Sunday, September 22, 2024, 8:44 a.m.

Winter Solstice, Saturday, December 21, 2024, 4:21 a.m

Information about the Summer Solstice celebration at Keppel Henge will be posted later.

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