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2020 Summer Solstice

Join us June 21st to observe the summer solstice in Keppel Henge.


Although summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere begins at 11:54 am on June 21st, the real action at Keppel Henge happens later that day. 

At our location the Sun transits (crosses our meridian, is due south, is highest in the sky for the year) at 1:25 pm EDT (and 35 seconds!) and crosses the Henge Solstice Stone at that time. It also marks the spot on the ground analemma next to the Henge. 


Come and enjoy our solstice activities.

  • Join local Tai Chi clubs in their mid-morning practice in the gardens.

  • Bring a picnic and enjoy it in one of the numerous picnic spots in the gardens.


  • Gather in the stone circle and observe the shadow of the Pointer Stone moving to the marker for the solstice on the Solstice Stone in Keppel Henge at 1:25 pm.

  • Explore the other astronomical installations at the gardens including the analemmatic sundial.


Find out much more about the “robust astronomical installations” at Keppel Croft from Steve Irvine.

Keppel Henge project

The Analemmatic Sundial

The Analemmatic Pattern

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