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2020 Art in the Garden

Join us Saturday, July 11th, 2020.


Over 45 artists and artisans will participate in Art in the Garden at Keppel Croft on July 11th, 2020. This is a summer opportunity to enjoy the gardens and the wonderful creations of our talented friends and neighbours. Come and chat with the individuals who make this day so special.

This year you will find

  • woodwork

  • garden furniture

  • oil paintings

  • watercolours

  • photography

  • pottery

  • jewellery

  • felt work

  • basket weaving

  • art cards

  • glasswork

  • leather work

  • multimedia

  • wrought iron and cedar garden ornaments

  • spinning

  • weaving and knitting

  • nature dyed yarns

  • crokinole boards

  • forged knives

  • locally produced coffee, biscotti, honey and maple syrup

  • Rural Gardens of Grey and Bruce members with plants grown in Grey County

  • Three local authors with their books for sale.

All of this wouldn't be possible without our fabulous volunteers. Our grateful thanks to all who help make Art in the Garden possible.


10 am to 4 pm



Entry $5

Children 12 and under free



Keppel Croft parking lot

South side of Grey Road #1 

Big Bay beach by the Big Bay dock


Rain Date

Sunday, July 12th, 2020

If a rain date is declared, we will post it here.


Over 45 artists, artisans and local food producers set up at Keppel Croft early in the morning of Art in the Garden. These photos are from Art in the Garden, 2019. There’s a spot under trees for some folks, like Pam McCowan who sells her paintings and her sculptures. Lots of people have tents which are sometime pitched the night before. There’s always a sense of excitement as everyone sets up.

xMike and Keith.jpg

Mike Snow comes from Pensacola to join Keith Elliott from the Big Bay shore at the BBQ stand. These two have the whole lunch business down to a fine art. Homemade ginger cookies are served in memory of Auntie who introduced her cookies to the original lunch special some years ago. At 94 she was our oldest volunteer at Art in the Garden.

Meet some of the many participants


Art in the Garden gives you a chance to meet the people who create all the beautiful work on display. There’s always time to answer your questions and to tell you about artistic ventures. Tony Pasman makes wicker trays and you can catch him at work under his umbrella. Watch and chat as he creates another beautiful tray.


Donna Pasman is a basket weaver with many years of experience. She delights in explaining how the baskets are created and what their special uses might be. Sometimes Donna brings along some baskets from her personal collection, gathered on her world-wide travels with Tony.


Over the years Georgia Helleiner has gathered the plants leaves, flowers, seed heads and stalks from the Big Bay area for her delicately arranged cards. Making a decision about which ones to add to your collection will take time!


If you are lucky you might be able to talk Bernie Range, the Cape Road Crockinole Champion, into having a game of Crokinole with you. That’s not difficult to do! Bernie makes and refinishes crokinole boards. He’ll explain the finer points of the game if it is new to you. Good luck!

xBrian and Sarah.jpg

Add to your plant collection and your plant knowledge! Sarah Taylor and Brian Robin from Grange Hollow Nursery and Gardens will have their plants, grown in Desboro, Grey County, waiting to tempt you. These enthusiastic gardeners will be able to advise you on the best plants for your garden locations.

xBill Moses.jpg

In 2019, Bill Moses, a member of the Owen Sound Naturalists, demonstrated a use for the stalks of the terribly invasive phragmites australis, a grass known as the common reed. You can see these plants taking over wetlands and banks of streams and rivers thorough out Grey County. Bill showed visitors how to build nesting sites for solitary bees, using tin cans and the grass seed head stalks. What will Bill be teaching us on July 11th, 2020? Come and see!


Covid 19 put an end to all our plans for Art in the Garden in 2020, and then again in 2021,

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